intrigueing: (yoda's epic shit)
intrigueing ([personal profile] intrigueing) wrote2015-05-30 09:47 pm

Star Wars and the smallness of The Empire Strikes Back

A great, bubbly, and very enjoyable read about why Empire was the best Star Wars movie:

It also made me laugh because I'm pretty damn sure the fanfic-and-meta-and-fanart cohort of fans* (as opposed to the male uh, I mean, the what-is-Darth-Vader's-suit-made-of-and-is-it-fireproof-fans) noticed this and went to town on it ages ago. How come critics are always late to the blindingly obvious party?

*(Is there an official term to distinguish these fans from the dudes (yeah yeah and girls) whose fandom consists of only collecting Star Wars merchandise and playing Star Wars cards and that kind of stuff?)

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