lunabee34: (star trek: TNG Enterprise by jrmoom)
lunabee34 ([personal profile] lunabee34) wrote in [personal profile] intrigueing 2015-06-07 05:04 pm (UTC)

*nods nods*

I definitely think a show needs to start with arcness rather than having it introduced later.

Mostly what I wanted from TNG beyond an over-arching story arc was more character development. I think Data, Picard, Wesley, and Troi a smidgen develop and change over the course of the series but Geordi, Crusher, Riker, Guinan (who arguably probably shouldn't change any as the Wise Alien figure), Worf (who even though he becomes a father in TNG, I don't think really develops as a character until DS9) are all pretty much exactly the same at the beginning of the show as they are ten years later. I like who they are; I love Crusher and what a good mom she is and how empathetic Geordi is and how silly Riker is underneath the Number One persona. They're good characters. IDK

I do love TNG, and I'm making it sound like I don't. LOL

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