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I'm alive!!! Also GOP debates

More than 29 days have passed since I last updated my 29 Days of Star Trek Meme! That's one of the top "You Might Be A Chronic Procrastinator If..." signs.

However, I intend to finish that awesome meme and since I am far less busy now than I was for the last two months, I will also be posting more stuff. Most of it is fandom and fanfic-related, just like 99% of this journal, but my secret Tamarian genes insist that whenever shows/movies/books/comics I love fit real life events, I should communicate my feelings via references.

So, the GOP debates. I never watch debates this early in the race (the USA's insanely long campaign schedule is somewhere between pathetic, ridiculous, and infuriating), but I watched this one, for the Trump. And to paraphrase the Trump, everyone needs to be fired.

In this case, The SImpsons, as usual, always had it right when it came to the Republican Party:

(The Simpsons were usually not one-sided, though they never bothered to be equally balanced when the sides don't have equal merit. In this same episode, the Democratic Party banners read "WE HATE LIFE AND OURSELVES" and "WE CAN'T GOVERN.")

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