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2015-06-02 08:26 pm

Hello New People!

[personal profile] jadelennox is hosting a dreamwidth friending meme here, and since there's a whole bunch of new people who've subscribed I thought I'd say hello. Hello! Details about me are on my profile.

My current state of fandomness is largely unchanged since winter. I am fangirling a whole lot of fandom history and fandom culture and fandom meta for early (or, to my early twenties self, "ancient" as one friend will never let me forget) fandoms, mainly Star Trek TOS, Starsky & Hutch, and Star Wars. I am firmly not getting excited for Star Wars Episode VII, since I always enjoy this kind of thing a million times better when I'm not anticipating it, but my massive Star Wars love has been steadily rising for the past few months.

Some comms I subscribe to and/or visit semi-frequently (I am also very busy with work and real life, so I have less time for this than I used to), and recommend for people wanting to participate in fandom more on dreamwidth, are:

For discussion: [community profile] fandomsecrets , [community profile] fail_fandomanon 

For fandom events, challeges, etc: [community profile] fandomcalendar , [community profile] fandom_on_dw ,

For fanfic writing: [community profile] onedeadplotbunny , [community profile] fan_flashworks , [community profile] fic_promptly 

And also, if you're a gen fan looking for fic recs, I highly recommend [community profile] gensplosion which recs not just gen fic but usually very unique and creative gen fic.

I subscribe to, but have mixed feelings about [community profile] metanews . It's an awesome posting of recent fandom meta from around the internet, but the links contain a mixture of both eyerolling are-you-fucking-serious pretentious bullshit and omg-that's-really-cool awesomeness in roughly equal measures.

I am currently immersed in writing -- or more like grappling with -- four or five separate fanfics. Why four or five instead of one? Because I'm a fucking idiot, that's why.

A wonderful fandom friend also graciously lent me a stack of ancient sorry, I mean, "older" Star Trek TOS zines from the '70s-'90s and I have been going over them with great glee and will probably post some reflections about them in my journal soon.

I keep telling myself I will post more fanfic recommendations, but I keep forgetting. I am taking this opportunity to remind myself to get on with it.

eta: I also just discovered the Anonymous Writing Feedback Meme [personal profile] anonconcrit , courtesy of [personal profile] moetushie !

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2015-05-25 11:04 pm

Meme: Ten Fics That Stayed With You

In a new post, list ten FICS that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” works, or even all the same pairing or fandom, just the fics that have touched you or that stuck with you somehow.

I swiped this from [personal profile] moetushie , whose answer to the meme is here, way back in March, started it, forgot about it, rediscovered it a week or so ago, and finished it. It's rambly unfiltered musing and I have made a conscious effort to excise as much critical thinking and journalistic argumentation out of it as I can, and just write down what these fics are in my head and the imprint they left in my memory, rather than what they may be in reality.

Well, I spent much more than a few minutes on these. And they all got so long that I had to put cuts in all the "What Stuck with me and Why" bits so people's eyes don't glaze over while scrolling over it. Though I DID jot the list of fics down pretty fast, though, because if I didn't it would be impossible to choose just ten. So if anyone swipes this from me, moetushie's approach to the meme is probably closer to what it's meant to look like. ;)

As the description implies, these are not recs. Not in the sense of "read this, this is so good!" They're personal why-this-fic-stuck-with-me musings. However, in my opinion, they all do qualify at least as this-was-a-pretty-interesting-story recs.

I do recognize that a couple of them would not affect me the same way if I first read them today instead of reading them when I did read them, so any overpraising belongs to the fic's personal impact, not my critical analysis. But here goes:

1. Prison Of Glass by LuipaardJack (Futurama, Fry-centric)

Summary: "Before you contradict an old man, my fair friend, you should endeavor to understand him." - George Santayana

Context: Read when I was 16, deeply embroiled in Futurama and other cartoon fanfic.

What Stuck With Me and Why )

2. Sick Home by Lance Ruhiru (South Park, Scott Tenormen-centric)

Summary: When time makes it worse. (Scott Tenormen's thoughts about Cartman, South Park, and the nature of reality and fiction, years after Scott Tenormen Must Die).

Context: Written years before 200 and 201 aired, so retroactively AU yet eerily prophetic. Read when I was 15 in my several months-long nothing-but-South-Park craze, during which I inhaled almost the entire archive.

What Stuck With Me and Why )

3. Nothing Compares by Cszemis (South Park, gen, Stan & Kyle, Kyle & Cartman, death-fic)

Summary: "His fingers traced over the shadow of Stan. “When we are dead and gone nobody will care about these pictures. No one will remember how happy we were. How much it all meant.” How much he meant to me…"

Continuing the dark fics for goofy shows trend. Read when I was 15, yada yada see above.

What Stuck With Me and Why )

4. Mystery Kirk/Spock Slash Story of Awesomesauce by Mystery Kirk/Spock Slash Writer of Awesomesauce (Star Trek: TOS, Kirk/Spock)

I don't know and can't remember and cannot (and will not) find it again. If anyone recognizes this fic, don't tell me or link me or I will hunt you down for wrecking my childhood memories.

I was 15 years old, and TOS was one of my very first and primary fandoms. I had read some smut, in the form of triofic in Harry Potter, but not much slash except some lame OOC stuff that belonged in a teen drama. I was also at that point in sexual development where encyclopedia descriptions of sexual acts were wildly titillating to me. From what I recall of the writing style and attitude, I am pretty sure this story was written in the '70s or '80s.

What Stuck With Me and Why )

5. No Means No by idioticonion (How I Met Your Mother, Barney/Robin, domestic violence, dub-con, rape(?))

Summary: "Barney is accused of raping Robin. This a single, fractured story told in one hundred drabbles going back and forwards in time. Spoilers up to The Goat. Written for the HIMYM DarkFic Livejournal Comm. Warning: Very dark."

Context: In 2011, How I Met Your Mother single-handedly dragged me out of the worst summer of my entire life, the only time in my life I can remember being depressed for longer than a few days. I leapt into the fandom in gratitude, which was a bad idea because it jilted me horribly a few months later (season 7, what a nightmare). However, unlike 99% of sitcoms, HIMYM has a fantastic fandom. This is partly because of its extensive and detailed continuity, and partly because of one writer, [personal profile] idioticonion, who wrote around 200 HIMYM fics, many of them extremely dark, ranging from ludicrous ~edginess~ to genuinely chilling what-ifs. This fic, while technically OOC, is mostly towards the latter.

What Stuck With Me and Why )

The Snow Queen by [personal profile] elspethdixon  (Marvel/Captain America Comicsverse, Steve/Tony, fairy tale fusion)

Summary: A fairy-tale fusion between The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, and the characters of the Marvel 616 comics universe (i.e., putting the Marvel characters and ideas into the roles of the fairy tale's plot), with Steve Rogers (named the Soldier) in the part of Gerda, and Tony Stark (named the Smith) in the part of Kay.

Context: I read this in 2010 during my great Marvel and DC comics craze. Even more specifically, during my rabid comicsverse!Steve/Tony shipping craze, which kind of went dormant shortly prior to the release of The Avengers, (and thank god it did because movieverse!Steve/Tony has not a single shred of commonality with comicsverse!Steve/Tony, and being an active comicsverse shipper during the MCU explosion would have made me tear my hair out.) There are innumerable non-canon pairings (especially slash pairings) that I like and enjoy reading, but there are very few pairings I like as much as (let alone more than) the platonic friendship interpretation present in the canon source. And there are even fewer that I actively ship. Comicsverse!Steve/Tony is one of those few.

What Stuck With Me and Why )

7. Just a Face on a Train by katheryne (Spider-Man movies (Tobey Maguire), Peter Parker, OFC, gen)

Summary: "After rescuing a train from Doc Ock's attack, Peter Parker found himself unmasked and indebted to those he had just saved. 4 months later, a train passenger again crosses paths with the young hero. Based on events from Spider-Man 2."

I don't really remember when I read this or why, or how I found it, since I was never in this fandom (though I loved the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies). It was a couple years ago, though, and I am glad I did.

What Stuck With Me and Why )

8. Who's Afraid of the GI Bogeyman? by Curley Green (M*A*S*H, gen ensemble)

"Naïveté has its advantages. Radar is afraid of the dark, but it's the rest of the 4077th who truly have uncontrollable fears. A series of short vignettes, c. season 7. One-shot."

M*A*S*H was one of my first fandoms, and the first really in-depth one. I read this fic when I was 14, in 2006. If I recall correctly, my fic-reading method in M*A*S*H fandom was mainly to filter the entire archive by a character combo or genre -- in this case, horror -- and read everything listed there that pricked my ears up.

What Stuck With Me and Why )

9. World In Your Eyes
by jamjar (DC Comics/Superman comics, gen with background Clark Kent/Lois Lane)

Summary: "The first time Clark had looked at the world from above, he almost thought he was dying."

I read this maybe in 2013, a year or two after my Marvel and DC Comics superhero binge which was abruptly killed stone cold dead by the Nu 52 over in DC. I never lost my love for superhero comics, though, nor superhero fanfic, as in evidence here. Superman is and always has been my favorite superhero of all time, even if he wasn't one of the ones I was most interested in reading about.

What Stuck With Me and Why )


10. The Thousandth Man by Suzan Lovett (Starsky & Hutch, gen, post-Starsky vs Hutch)

This was written before the days of summary boxes, so in brief: the ending tag was nothing but a performance, Hutch offers no explanation of his actions nor any attempt to fix things, Starsky kicks him to the curb in a fury, and the two of them spend the next several weeks estranged until the plot finally puts them face-to-face once again.

Every S&H fan and their dog has written a post-"Starsky vs Hutch" Fix-It Fic. The Fix-It Fic is that panfandom fic genre designed to explain and resolve baffling and outrageous canon events -- in this case, it's Hutch sleeping with Starsky's girlfriend, an act whose seriousness has zilch to do with conflict, and everything to do with a betrayal of trust, the cornerstone of their friendship, and the absence of either motive or onscreen reconciliation. The Thousandth Man is much longer and more complicated than most fix-its. It's one of the earlier ones too, written in 1985. I read this during a kick I'm sure some other S&H fans have had -- consuming every post-SvH fic I could lay my hands on and marveling at the S&H fandom's unparalleled reality-weaving powers as it collectively constructed, out of the resonating patterns of the common denominators of a hundred wildly varying fanfics and observations, a shadow-arc for season 4 that the canon never quite articulated. Out of all those innumerable fix-it fics, no one single story ever satisfied me like this one.

What Stuck With Me and Why )

Now I'm thinking up all the other fics that stayed with me but which didn't make the cut of the first ten such fics to cross my mind. Perhaps I'll do this meme again in a few months...
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2015-05-08 11:26 am

An assortment of random things I nabbed out of my bookmarks folder in the past 5 minutes

Old snark is still the best snark:

Original Post: (American southerner ranting at length on tumblr about how American northerners don't understand how to make sweet tea)

Commenter 1: I'm British, and even I think this motherfucker needs to calm the fuck down about their tea.

Commenter 2: 
As an American, maybe you didn't learn from the first time you guys told us to calm down about our tea.

A full list (well, a list that was full three years ago) of every side effect of the products of Prescott Pharmaceuticals on The Colbert Report

The Cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender discovers shipping:

The purpose of the Oxford Comma:

Deadpool as interpreted by Norman Rockwell:

An explanation of how to pronounce "pecan" in various parts of the United States:

A handy guide to the A-plot of every episode of House ever:

This Safe Driving PSA, which might be the best thing I have watched all month:

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2015-05-04 10:28 pm

May the Fourth Be With You

To all fellow Star Wars fans -- admit it. Out of all the fandoms in all the franchises in all the world, we got it really, really, REALLY good. Seriously. How many other fandoms have the kind of luck and respect and responsiveness and widespread acceptance, on every possible level from the quality of fic to the lack of stigma from non-fans, that this one has? None of them, that's how many. No fandom is as lucky as this one.
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2015-04-21 12:08 am

The Art of Crackfandomitude

Have you ever dabbled in a fandom for a show/movie/book you weren't fannish about, solely because the fandom was so entertaining? I've done this a couple times. Mostly, it was X-Men: First Class. I don't really care about X-Men: First Class. I wasn't much of a fan of the previous Wolverine uh, I mean, X-Men movies, I preferred the comics, and FC itself was pretty eh as a movie. However, it was very easy for me to shovel popcorn into my mouth while clicking through the 80% of the fandom which can pretty much be summed up with this gif:

Not simply crack fic! Meth-fic! I could have just read Lewis Carroll if I wanted this sort of Heisenberg-grade purity, but whatever...

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2015-04-17 07:38 pm

Just the fandom-related part of all the junk I thought about while insomniacing last night

-If I could only pick one fact that proves to me the stupidity of the human race, it's the fact that sales of clownfish spiked after the release of Finding Nemo. Basic comprehension, kids and parents. You fail.

-There is nothing quite like reading someone else's interpretation of a modest show or book or movie in a way that sends shivers up your spine, because the spine-shiver effect is a an incredibly narrow line to balance on between various shades of eye-rolling. Incredibly rare.

-Writing fic comes about 5x easier and faster after I've had a glass of wine. This is a bad trend on every level, I can't afford wine anyway, and technically this is against my religion.

-The best fandom-related invention of the past 5 years is without a doubt Texts from Last Night parodies.

-Captain Picard's bald head dome makes me jealous. For the record, I am a girl with massive quantities of long hair that is so thick I can't braid it.

-I am having nostalgic flashbacks to that time I was obsessed with uber-pretentious sex scenes in fanfic. Not because I bought into the pretentiousness, just because they were so much hotter than non-pretentious sex scenes. This ability to stomach sex-pretentiousness came to a screeching and possibly permanent halt after being introduced to the fic of a certain Sherlock Holmes explicit slash writer who shall remain anonymous. It was a bit like weaning oneself off cigarettes by unrolling several packs' worth of them, sprinkling the contents with chalk dust from the classroom of the most insufferable English professor you have ever had, and eating this mixture until you puke uncontrollably.

-Out of all the large fandoms I've been in, I think Star Wars has the highest ratio of good fic to crap or mediocre fic. At least for the OT -- never read much prequel fic so I can't speak for that.

-Is there anything more gratifying and satisfying than reading the amazing fic of an amazing author? Why yes, reading the amazing author's earlier fic and realizing it is promising but nothing near as good as their later stuff. Incredibly motivating, I tell you.

-Reading wankfests is 1000x better when imagined in Humphrey Bogart's voice.
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2015-01-01 10:37 am

Fandom 2014 Year in Review Meme + 2015 Resolutions

I literally spent several straight hours last night out dancing, and then danced some more with my dad after crashing at my parents' in anticipation for our big family dinner today, because of all the jazz being played on NPR on the drive home. Remind me to look more into Cab Calloway. As a consequence, I was out like a light when I got into bed and slept better than I have all month. Hopefully this will be good motivation to be more busy and active. It makes me a lot happier. Anyway, my belated 2014 fandom reflection courtesy of [personal profile] selenak :

Your main fandom of the year? I haven't had any new ones, but I have been indulging very deep in three old ones: Star Trek TOS, Starsky & Hutch, and Star Wars (mostly original trilogy).

Your favorite film watched this year?  Newly released? Guardians of the Galaxy by default (because I only watched three new movies this year). Old but new-to-me? Double Indemnity. Love it so much. Would've tempted me to go on a noir kick if I had the time :)

Your favorite book read this year? Don Quixote volume I. Basically dying of laughter on every page, which I did not expect because you know, old wordy translated tome of satire that was topical in 1605. I only bought the books because they were ancient (undated, but god knows how old given the physical state they're in) copies of an 1847 translation and I cannot resist stuff like that, and I only started reading it so I could truthfully tell people that I read part of it. I didn't expect them to be actually hilarious to me.

Your favorite album or song to listen to this year?: There are only three newly released songs I even know the names of off the top of my head: The River by Son Little, Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde, and All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor. IDK.

Your favorite TV show of the year?  Haven't been watching any new TV, but I did rewatch a lot of Star Trek TNG in order during the summer when I was staying with my family after graduating, and I swear it just gets better every time (and more ridiculous, but I can't begin to articulate how little I care about that.)

Your best new fandom discovery of the year?  I wouldn't say I discovered this year, because I've known about it since 2011 or 2012, but I only recently discovered what an amazing resource it is for information about old fandoms. Hence my in-depth revisiting of the three 2014 fandoms listed above ;)

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year? I...can't think of many. Perhaps, simply a dark aspect of my best new fandom discovery: getting a nasty kick in the teeth on the subject of just how nasty the character-bashing fights in Star Wars fandom in the early 1980s, before and after Return of the Jedi was released were. I mean, I knew it by hearsay, but never read through the kind of ugliness it consisted of.

Your biggest squee moment of the year?  In September, buying a fanfiction zine that was first published in 1977 on ebay. I don't recall ever being that excited and squeeful - heart pounding, unable to sit still - about anything fandom-related since I was 16 or 17. Have you ever planned out a day carefully to be perfect in order to enjoy something you were anticipating? It was like that for me. I ordered it so that it would arrive when I had a half-day at work, made sure to have the afternoon and evening free, and then in order to savor it all alone in perfect solitude, I parked in a quiet spot and spent about half an hour just looking at the little details of it, the crumbling yellow pages and peeling faded ink, before even reading the stories. Because I am a dork.

The most missed of your old fandoms? This is going waaaay back, but I've been recently thinking about M*A*S*H a lot. M*A*S*H was one of my very first online fandoms ever, and the first one where I regularly participated in a discussion and interaction-heavy way, rather than only reading other people's fanfic. I was 14-15 years old (wow, 8-9 years ago, really?) and I participated and discussed and fanned on the forums. We had an amazing tight knit lively little community there, and I lied my ass off about my age (I think I said I was 20) and we talked about everything, absolutely everything, there were episode discussions, character discussions, fanfic reviews, general topics, off-topic/personal, and people would bring up and post new topics and activities almost every day. There was a completely insane guy (or probably a troll, but I was 14 and didn't get it yet) named John Cooper II aka Radar's Election Campaign Manager who wrote all characters' names in ALL CAPS and wrote the most befuddling posts and fic (google it and you might find some stuff about it) that we all mocked to death. I think forum style was probably even then (2006) getting outdated by LJ, and it saddens me that it has mostly gone by the wayside.

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?  Specifically, I think The Americans. I've heard so much good stuff about it. More broadly, next year's Yuletide. I've been eavesdropping on my flist and other members of my communities' participation in it closely, and scooping up recs by the handful. But I am commitment-phobic and also too fucking lazy to ever learn the rules for exchanges and fests, so I've never actually done anything in it. Next year!

My Vaguely Fandom-related Resolutions

Write for either at least 40 minutes or at least 500 words, depending on the nature of the writing

Make at least one DW post
Comment in more than one of my flist/circle's journal posts
Edit/revise a discrete section of something I've written so that the section works as a readable excerpt

At least one new-to-me movie watched
Either one short fic posted or 3 chapters (or the equivalent length) of a long fic written
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2014-11-20 11:17 pm

Dear New People from theladyscribe's friending meme

Perhaps this is a good time to put out a post on my current (and everchanging) fannishness, as I've just acquired several subscriptions/accesses from the good folk at [personal profile] theladyscribe 's "if you build it, they will come" friending meme:

My journal looks pretty empty, yeah. All my fannish stuff is public, but I have written a great deal of fic unattached to this username in previous years that I will never 'fess up to. I have written a gigantic quantity of meta, but alas, it is all in the form of comments on various comms and journals (especially [community profile] fandomsecrets , [community profile] fail_fandomanon , and various non-DW/LJ platforms. My profile tells me that as of tonight I have logged 5,856 comments on this profile since July 2012. My eyes sort of bugged when I saw that.

So, I'm in transition at the moment: it was only this fall that I am finally starting to post my fic, meta, fic reviews, random fannishness, etc, on my journal. I'll update fairly regularly, and have sworn to complete a certain number of fics and fic reviews in the near future. My current interest is fandom history - old, old fandoms, old, old fanfics, and the whole culture they occurred in, which I've been studying through aka the most awesome fandom-related site ever. I'm in the middle of reviewing two 1970s Star Trek TOS and Starsky & Hutch fanzines. My plans after I finish doing that will be to write fics for Guardians of the Galaxy and Harry Potter and then more fic for several other fandoms as fast as I can, and post a wide variety of shortish fannish thoughts every few days. Sample thoughts I'm planning:
  • I've been feeling incredibly nostalgic for my time when I was immersed in DC and Marvel comics fandom - my happiest fandom time by a long shot - so there will probably be long rambling meta on Gotham City and Metropolis and the DC Universe as a whole and how Crisis on Infinite Earths is so important to its character and several other ideas. And about the Marvel Universe and community and how citizens can adapt to anything, including superheroes, as business-as-usual. My love for these fictional worlds knows no bounds.
  • I need to write that long fandom manifesto about how Starsky & Hutch is glorious and still compelling and underexplored in many different ways that are simultaneously not about and all about the unparalleled central partnership because it's all interconnected and essential for creating the context in which said partnership can exist. Half of that post will probably be eaten by musings about Watergate and me telling people to just read The Ollie Report instead.
  • I really honestly do need to write that Star Trek essay about the extremely enjoyable brain-bending one needs to do in order to suspend one's disbelief about a show about the future written by writers in the present. Which has been percolating in my brain since around 2009. I keep forgetting parts of it because I'm too lazy to write it down, eep!
  • I am strongly considering writing a series of fairy tale AUs/retellings for every single canonical work I have ever been fannish about. I can't figure out if this is a terrible idea or not
  • The sometimes Twlight-Zone-ish experience of being a gen fan who actually does love the hell out of slash and het and femslash, but gen just has that special place in one's heart that has nothing to do with being disinterested in romance and everything to do with that elusive vibe that's so hard to articulate in the context of shipping-heavy fandom.
  • A bunch of old classic movie reviews centering on "so I've watched this movie about 5 times but this time I noticed this other thing..."
  • It has only just occurred to me recently that I have never told a single soul anywhere, online or off, how much the character of Buffy Summers meant for me.

I'm mostly just saying this stuff so that I have at least perceived peer pressure to actually do it instead of just privately telling myself I'm totally going to do it, someday, for reals.

And while I probably can't do a specific day-by-day version of the December Talking Meme, I would be very open to suggestions for topics that I'll promise to answer sometime in December...

Thank you so much to everyone who subscribed. I am awkward about stuff like this, so I guess, Welcome!

ETA: Guess I should also pimp this friending meme from LJ:

( multi-fandom friending meme. )