sharpest_asp: A painted picture of Bones McCoy (Star Trek: Bones McCoy)
Aspen Sagan ([personal profile] sharpest_asp) wrote in [personal profile] intrigueing 2015-06-05 09:12 pm (UTC)

Oh this would be so hard to think through.

I adore TOS, it is probably my gut-favorite, but it does have a more simplistic way in trying to teach its lessons. However, it also gave me the novels that made the whole universe come alive for me.

TNG was a lot of COOL, with some good lessons, and some characters I adored.

I resented DS9 for moving away from the Bright-Shiny that I love about TOS (things get better, really!), but at the same time I LOVE the cast/crew. And it is a great look at what happens when an Idyllistic society gets slammed with multiple stressors on their Good and Shiny.

I can't talk about Voyager; I couldn't get into it after the pilot, thought I've seen a few eps here and there.

I tried, so hard, to like Enterprise, but again, I just couldn't come to care enough with the way the grim-dark seemed to invade it.

ETA: I would have loved the concept of Mercy Point (I think that's the name) which was Star Trek's medical drama they had entertained thought of. And I loved the Animated series with the same provisionals that TOS itself has.

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