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I use this account for fandom-related activities, mostly commenting on other journals and comms. I'm 23 years old, female, from New England. Lucky enough to be working full time after college. Have my fingers crossed that having less time to spend on fandom will make me spend it more wisely (i.e., actually finish a fic for the first time in 2 years).

What you'll find on my blog: fanfic (in the near future), fic recs (in the near future), fic reviews, fandom history stuff, meta of a hopefully non-pretentious variety, reflections/reviews about various movies, books, TV shows, etc, fiction/media, making affectionate fun of various weird-ass aspects of fandom and fanfic, fandom-related thoughts that popped into my brain.

I am multifannish and a fanfic omnivore -- there is no genre or category I absolutely won't read. I am constitutionally incapable of being single-mindedly devoted to one and only one fandom at a time, though my interest in my various fandoms will cycle through highs and lows. In a broad generalization, my interest in gen is "very high," my interest in slash "medium" and my interest in het "medium low." Though it varies depending on the fandom and relationship.

For meta, I am absolutely obsessed with fandom history and with fandom-specific tropes and phenomena. My mantra here is that there is no single answer or explanation, so my patience with those who try to tell people why they write/read X is nil, but I love pointing out (or reading about people smarter and more articulate than me pointing out) that X is a thing that often happens.

For fic, my interest in fluff and anything domestic and safe hovers around zero, as does my interest in issuefic or deconstruction. I am deeply obsessed with character studies, relationship/friendship/team studies, wordbuilding, casefic, darkfic, long rich plotty stuff, humor that is actually funny instead of merely ~adorbs, and most especially any fic closely related to canon events.

If you find anything I said offensive or confusing or side-eye-worthy, please PM me and say so. I really do not want to be mean-spirited or judgey about fandom-related stuff...or, well, at least 99% of it.

My pre-Star Wars VII freakout is firmly repressed into slumber but by no means nonexistent. ;)
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