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intrigueing ([personal profile] intrigueing) wrote 2015-06-06 02:38 am (UTC)

Well I don't prefer episodic over story-arc -- I think both are good, just different. I think introducing arc-ness into an episodic show can be fantastic, but also risky because then the writers might alter the viewer's expectations in ways that the writers don't intend to follow up on, which just leads to disappointment, or alter some viewers' expectations and not others, leading to a broken viewerbase.

IMO most of the attempts to create arc-ness in TNG fell kind of flat. Like the "hey from now on, no more going above Warp 5 because it's bad for the environment space!" and then after that you can almost see the writers going "shit, why did we think that was a good idea???"

Hee, I just skip the Enterprise's theme song, I don't know what they were smoking. I watched some Enterprise, and didn't like it mostly because it retconned things in TOS, which is a totally biased and personal peeve, but one that I can't look past to judge the show objectively on its own merits.

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