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As the Good Book says, if you spit in the air, it lands in your face

The short nutzoid crackfic I was just writing about the nonsensical and hilariously terrible Star Trek: TOS episode "Spock's Brain" just somehow turned into an emotional serious symbolic Spock-McCoy friendship study. What.

On a mostly unrelated note, it just occurred to me, 10 years after first seeing either work, that the main association my brain makes when I see/read/think about Spock and McCoy's relationship is Golde from Fiddler on the Roof fuming, regarding her husband Tevye, "You can die from such a man!!"

/it is very 2:00am around here.

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That is perfect.

Also, "Spock's Brain." Such delicious silliness. Morg and Eymorg. Givers of Pain and Delight. Radio-controlled-Vulcan.

(Bad in a wonderful way... unlike certain other episodes I could name.)
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Yeah, totally agreed! McCoy essentially having Spock at his mercy -- and not only that, but getting in the last word since RC-Spock doesn't talk.

(Aww, don't be hatin' on Plato's Stepchirrin! It makes BitterDregs!Spock sad! ~ Now, if you want to make fun of The Way to Eden or The Apple ... *g*)

No I haven't! omg, that must be hilarious.
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Every time I try to write crack fic, it turns out similarly.