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29 Days of Star Trek Meme: Day 8 - Your favorite actor/actress?

Ha, is this some sort of trick question?

Patrick Stewart. Always Patrick Stewart.

In fact, let me post a few pictures to further elaborate my point:



Stay classy:


This is what he does every time someone screws up their lines (btw if you haven't watched the TNG bloopers you are horribly deprived)


Or he screws up his lines:


Here's the ice bucket challenge:

Patrick Stewart ALS challenge

He wears a fedora better than anyone:


This is the only anti-smoking ad you need, really:

There's other more substantial stuff for why he's awesome, but I am lazy and so I'll let other people cover that.

Day 1 - Which Star Trek series is your favorite?
Day 2 - Who is your favorite character?
Day 3 - Who is your least favorite character?
Day 4 - What is the first episode/movie you watched?
Day 5 - What was the first Star Trek series you watched?
Day 6 - Your favorite canon pairing? (Canon being the series and the movies, including the reboot.)
Day 7 - Your Favorite non-canon pairing?
Day 9 - What's your favorite episode?
Day 10 - What's your favorite species? (Humans are a species as well.)
Day 11 - What's your least favorite species? (See question 9 about species.)
Day 12 - What's your favorite funny moment?
Day 13 - What's your favorite dramatic moment?
Day 14 - What's your favorite Star Trek quote?
Day 15 - How did you get into Star Trek?
Day 16 - Are you involved with Star Trek fandom?
Day 17 - Have you read any of the books? If so, which ones?
Day 18 - If you could be any species in the Star Trek universe, what would you be?
Day 19 - How did the Star Trek reboot affect you?
Day 20 - Of the minor characters (one shots, not the recurring ones) who’s your favorite?
Day 21 - Which Star Trek food would you want to try at least once?
Day 22 - Which Star Trek world would you want to visit at least once?
Day 23 - Is there anything you'd want to change about Star Trek? Why?
Day 24 - Is there anything about Star Trek that has disappointed you?
Day 25 - How has Star Trek changed you?
Day 26 - Lots of Star Trek Parodies out there. Which do you dig?
Day 27 - What would you cross over with Star Trek?
Day 28 - Your favorite friendship in Star Trek?
Day 29 - If you could tell Gene Roddenberry one thing, Star Trek related or not, what would it be?

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Patrick Stewart is a national treasure, no lie :D
darjeeling: (Default)

[personal profile] darjeeling 2015-06-15 03:36 am (UTC)(link)
He's not from mine either, but I'd happily adopt him :P
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[personal profile] lunabee34 2015-06-15 03:19 am (UTC)(link)
That man. Yes. You have clearly chosen the only correct answer.
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[personal profile] lightbird 2015-06-15 03:19 am (UTC)(link)
Patrick Stewart is awesome for all reasons listed here and in the comments.

On a more serious note, I'll add that I love him for his speaking out against domestic violence and all his work for that cause.
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^.^ Patrick Stewart is awesome.
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And he kissed Ian McKellen at the new Holmes premiere! I love their friendship so much. This pic might be my favourite. ^.^ ♥
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[personal profile] wendelah1 2015-06-15 05:23 am (UTC)(link)
Captain Picard is the best. Patrick Stewart, too.