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Star Wars and the smallness of The Empire Strikes Back

A great, bubbly, and very enjoyable read about why Empire was the best Star Wars movie:

It also made me laugh because I'm pretty damn sure the fanfic-and-meta-and-fanart cohort of fans* (as opposed to the male uh, I mean, the what-is-Darth-Vader's-suit-made-of-and-is-it-fireproof-fans) noticed this and went to town on it ages ago. How come critics are always late to the blindingly obvious party?

*(Is there an official term to distinguish these fans from the dudes (yeah yeah and girls) whose fandom consists of only collecting Star Wars merchandise and playing Star Wars cards and that kind of stuff?)

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Thanks for the link. That sums it up perfectly. Empire has always been my favorite of this franchise.
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The term I have heard for the fanfic-and-meta cohort is "transformative fandom"? I feel like I have heard a term for the more merch-and-canon -focused kind but I can't remember it...
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that's a good point... if you tell someone that you're a member of "transformative fandom" they're just as likely to assume that you mean that fandom has been transformative to you personally as that the presence of the fandom transforms the canon. hmmmm.
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I feel like there is a word, but my headcold is preventing me from thinking of it. It's something like remixing or interacting or ...

It is the best movie and that's why though. Which is odd given the usual wizdom about middle acts of trilogies.

Transformative may have been what I was thinking of.
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It is the best movie, it's so true.

Is there an official term to distinguish these fans

I don't know, but I do know exactly who you mean - the people who are really looking forward to finally seeing Thanos in the Avengers movies.
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I use "fangirls" and "fanboys" with the disclaimer that not all fangirls are female and not all fanboys are male. I've also seen "transformative fans" and "affirmative fans" meaning those who want to take canon as a creative starting point vs those who want to experience as much of the given canon as possible.