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Old snark is still the best snark:

Original Post: (American southerner ranting at length on tumblr about how American northerners don't understand how to make sweet tea)

Commenter 1: I'm British, and even I think this motherfucker needs to calm the fuck down about their tea.

Commenter 2: 
As an American, maybe you didn't learn from the first time you guys told us to calm down about our tea.

A full list (well, a list that was full three years ago) of every side effect of the products of Prescott Pharmaceuticals on The Colbert Report

The Cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender discovers shipping:

The purpose of the Oxford Comma:

Deadpool as interpreted by Norman Rockwell:

An explanation of how to pronounce "pecan" in various parts of the United States:

A handy guide to the A-plot of every episode of House ever:

This Safe Driving PSA, which might be the best thing I have watched all month:

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Have you ever dabbled in a fandom for a show/movie/book you weren't fannish about, solely because the fandom was so entertaining? I've done this a couple times. Mostly, it was X-Men: First Class. I don't really care about X-Men: First Class. I wasn't much of a fan of the previous Wolverine uh, I mean, X-Men movies, I preferred the comics, and FC itself was pretty eh as a movie. However, it was very easy for me to shovel popcorn into my mouth while clicking through the 80% of the fandom which can pretty much be summed up with this gif:

Not simply crack fic! Meth-fic! I could have just read Lewis Carroll if I wanted this sort of Heisenberg-grade purity, but whatever...


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